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Resistance titles to feature trophy and Home support

Insomniac's Ted Price says that they are planning trophy and Home support for the Resistance games

Insomniac's Ted Price says that the company plans to feature trophy and Home support for both PlayStation 3 Resistance titles.

During a live text interview on our sister site,, Price wasn't able to answer whether or not Resistance 2 will feature skill points - but he did say that there will be intel docs which will expand on the franchise's lore.

"The co-op campaign will also help to flesh out the world with its separate story," Price said. "Albeit this story will be much 'lighter' than the story in the single-player campaign - in other words, no big movies for the co-op campaign."

With regard to the co-op campaign, featuring up to eight players online, one of the questioners asked Price if the developers would restrict the players' freedom to wander off.

"So far - and again, we haven't finished the game yet - we let players wander off if they want. The rest of the guys can move ahead," Price said.

"But we've found in our playtests that there isn't much incentive to do this. First, because there are multiple interdependent classes the team has trouble surviving if there are a couple of lone wolves. Second, and related, the co-op battles are tough...You just can't survive on your own.

"Third, the action is usually where the team is. And you get rewarded for participating. So again, there's little incentive to split off and go somewhere else."

Price noted that the team had experimented with more than 40 players online during the original Resistance: Fall of Man development and found that they could do it technically. The question became, would the experience be too overwhelming or could they minimize the chaos?

"As a result we put our design efforts into coming up with a mode - tentatively called 'skirmish' - which would give us more intimate experiences within those massive 60-player battles," he said.

For Resistance 2, players will see bigger "levels" or "chapters" - and hopefully no loading screens.

"We do have streaming of textures and other assets now," Price said.

"Not only does this improve the overall look but it cuts down on load times. In fact, you shouldn't notice any loading screens in R2.

"We've also added a lot more tech-wise - detail maps, new lighting system, new effects system, better normal mapping, better specular response, redone shaders and lots of behind-the-scenes stuff that makes the game really stand out aesthetically."

The complete live text interview with Ted Price can now be viewed on

Update: Insomniac later clarified that, while trophy and Home support is planned for Resistance 2, the original Resistance title will not be retroactively updated in that manner.

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