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Electromagnetic block-falling puzzler for the iOS.

Repulse-O offers all that, you simply have to match 3 bubbles of a same color to pop them away, and it includes some exhilarating twists that will keep your brain busy for countless hours!

First of all the bubbles are falling from both sides of the screen, toward a core placed in the center. Once they get glued to it, you can rotate the whole set to control where the next bubbles land. This results in a super simple controls scheme perfectly adapted for a touch screen.

The second important twist is the addition of electric charges. The neutral bubbles won't be affected

so they'll be easy to place precisely where you want them. However, the charged ones will keep you on your toes! Bubbles having opposite charge will attract each other and those of the same charge will repulse themselves. This means that if you don't keep an eye on them, things will soon get out of hands!

Enters the cascades. Simply clearing away the accumulating bubbles as fast as possible is not enough if you want to reach the top of world ranks! The more the bubbles are popping in a single sequence, the more points you'll get. In other words, cleverly place your bubbles and you'll be able to generate the longest possible cascades.

But beware of the special bubbles! Some of them are nasty and will absorb the color of your carefully placed bubbles, disrupting your strategy. Not only they won't give point but they won't pop by themselves. You'll need to clear them using collateral popping sequences.

Enjoy highly polished graphics, immersive music and sound effects. Chose from 3 different visual thematic: pills, donuts and neon. Can you beat electromagnetism?


iphone/ipod touch


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