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Report: Mobile RPGs generated $18.5b globally in 2020

Newzoo and Pangle say that the genre accounted for 21.3% of total global mobile market revenue that year

Yesterday Newzoo along with mobile app advertising platform Pangle, reported that mobile RPGs generated $18.5 billion in consumer spending for the year of 2020.

In their Role-Playing Games: Comparing and Contrasting Eastern and Western Markets report the companies said that the genre also accounted for 21.3% of global mobile market revenue in the same period.

The popularity of the genre isn't evenly spread around the world, as the report found East Asian countries made up 72% of global mobile RPG consumer spending in 2020.

It goes on to say that Eastern Asian countries made up 72% of total global mobile RPG consumer spending in 2020.

The top three mobile revenue markets were China, Japan, and South Korea. Chinese consumers led with $7.8 billion in spending, Japanese users generated $3.46 billion, and South Korean player revenue was $2.04 billion.

The report also provided some demographic insight into the genre, saying most mobile RPG players across the US, UK, Japan and South Korea were male, with a median age of 30.

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