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Report: LucasArts president and executives resign

Unconfirmed reports suggest Darrel Rodriguez and other top execs have quit company

Darrel Rodriguez has resigned from his position as president of LucasArts, with a number of other top executives leaving at the same time, according to online reports.

Although the company has made no official announcement, blog site Kotaku claims that staff were made aware of the departures at a meeting yesterday.

At the meeting it was claimed that the company's development teams and other business plans would be unaffected by the resignations.

Previous LucasArts president Jim Ward also resigned from his post suddenly and for largely unexplained reasons. It is unclear why Rodriguez left or the exact identities of the other departing executives.

In a recent interview with Rodriguez reaffirmed a commitment to creating new intellectual properties and focusing on the company's reputation for strong story-telling.

Currently though the publisher's slate remains dominated by Star Wars titles (including The Force Unleashed II - recently confirmed for an October release) and the forthcoming special edition of The Secret of Monkey Island 2.

It is claimed that remaining executive Jerry Bowerman will take over Rodriguez's role in the interim.

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