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Remode: R&D tax credits can be a big help to indies

"It's just sitting there and it's really simple to get to hold of"

Indie developer Remode has praised the assistance R&D tax credits can provide to small studios.

While the current debate around government incentives for the UK games industry has concentrated on specific tax breaks, Remode's Ella Ramanos claimed at the World of Love Conference in London today that the R&D warchest was "just sitting there and it's really simple to get hold of.

"We've had a huge amount of money from it," she said.

Ramanos also claimed that working out of Plymouth had been to the studio's benefit, despite not being considered a traditional 'hub'.

"There is actually a lot of funding and support available because they want to enhance the area. If you tick the right boxes and know who to talk to. While there isn't the quantity of talent that you'd find in a hub, there is quality."

She also observed that distance from London wasn't an issue. "It's only three hours... it's just not very far at all."

Remode has made software including PC puzzle game Mole Control, installation game Rotoblast and Scuba Skills, a simulation for scuba training.

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