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Registrations open for the Christian Game Developers Conference

This year's Christian Game Developers Conference is to be held in Portland, Oregon on July 30-31st, and registrations for the event have opened already on the [conference website].

Sponsors of the convention this year include the Intel Bible-based Christian Network (IBCN), Micro Fortî and Torque engine creators GarageGames, and the event will include a number of discussion sessions, exhibit spaces, hands-on workshops and press conferences.

This is the third annual such event, and will for the first time integrate card, board and paper game developers alongside interactive entertainment companies working in this sector.

"This yearââ'¬—¢s expo will more fully support developers targeting card, paper and board game markets," explained conference organizer Tim Emmerich of GraceWorks Interactive. "In addition, we will discuss the goals of Christian gaming, what content we hope to provide, and how to fund projects and publish them. We also plan to examine the variety of games currently on the market and successes in other media such as 'The Passion of The Christ' and the 'Left Behind' series, which proved that Bible-based products can do well in the market if they are well made."

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