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ReedPop shares first-year results for new data platform Engage

Publisher reports 50% more clickthroughs for ad campaigns in less than a year

ReedPop, events organisers and publisher of sites such as, has announced the results from the first year of its audience platform Engage.

The data platform, which was developed in response to the demise of third-party cookies, saw year-on-year increases in performance across click-through rates (CTR), video completion rates (VCR) and viewability.

Average CTRs rose across the board, with ad campaigns for core partners seeing rates increase by more than 50% when compared to those run before the platform was introduced. Meanwhile, VCRs are up by 20% on average.

Launched in September 2022 and built on the Permutive platform, the audience targeting tech gives advertisers more insights into users across the company's entire portfolio of events and publications, from the attendees of major shows such as New York Comic Con, PAX, EGX and MCM, as well as websites such as Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, Dicebreaker, VG247, Digital Foundry and Popverse.

"Engage helps our clients understand more about who their customers are, how they engage across our channels, and what other passion points they may have," said ReedPop programmatic lead Matt Butlin. "This means as a sales team we can be both proactive and consultative. That's an exciting proposition for our clients."

Permutive CEO and co-founder Joe Root added: "It's fantastic to see premium publishers, such as ReedPop, build audiences and develop insights to drive revenue and build deeper relationships with advertisers based on their first-party data.

"Publishers hold the solution to ID and cookie deprecation, and as ReedPop has shown in its year-one results, these audiences can be leveraged by advertisers directly to activate hard-to-reach audiences."

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