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Realtime Worlds joins Tiga

Dundee developer signs up, "encouraged" by "increased levels of activity"

Realtime Worlds has signed up to become a member of developer trade body Tiga, and has issued a call to other developers to do the same.

The Dundee-based company, behind last year's hit title Crackdown, and forthcoming next-generation MMO APB, joined Tiga because of the recent flurry of activity following the appointment of Richard Wilson as CEO earlier in the year.

"The time is right for Realtime Worlds to join Tiga. Realtime Worlds has been greatly encouraged by Tiga’s increased levels of activity on many fronts and by its determination to represent games developers throughout the UK," said Dave Jones, the company's CEO and creative director.

"We urge other games developers, particularly in Scotland, to work with Tiga in advancing the cause of the games development sector. Realtime Worlds is looking forward to working with Tiga in the months and years ahead."

And Wilson added: "I am delighted by Realtime Worlds' decision to join Tiga. Realtime Worlds is one of the most respected games development businesses in the UK, producing games of the highest quality and originality.

"Tiga is changing. We are engaging more effectively with politicians and with policy makers, we are raising the media profile of the video games industry and we are expanding the range of services available to Tiga members. Realtime Worlds' accession to Tiga is a vote of confidence in our new strategy.

"Games developers must work together if we are to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. Tiga already provides a powerful voice for the video games industry in political and governmental circles. If more games businesses follow Realtime Worlds' lead and join Tiga, we will be able to represent the games development industry still more effectively, in Scotland, England and indeed, throughout the UK."

Wilson has been a key part of the industry's Games Up? campaign, which has been successful in raising mainstream awareness around the subjects of development costs and industry education.

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