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Realtime Worlds audio lead founds new studio

Australia-based People Pilot to outsource 'like film industry'

A new games studio, People Pilot, has been founded in Australia by a former employee of ill-fated APB developer Realtime Worlds.

Gamasutra reports that founder Roland Peddie, a BAFTA-winning former audio lead, hopes to use an outsourcing model based on the film industry with his team made up of contractors - a structure he hopes will allow the company to be flexible and cost-effective.

"Different projects require different team sizes, and that is easy to accommodate under this model," says Peddie.

"It works well for audio, so I'm betting it will work for art and technology too," he says. "Even at this very early stage it has enabled collaborations that would not have worked at a traditional studio."

People Pilot's first release will be Windows Phone 7 title Art Sport, though the studio aims to work on a range of platforms.

Dundee-based Realtime Worlds, which also made Crackdown, closed last year after the commercial failure of subscription-based online game APB.

The game was later salvaged by K2 Network, the company behind GamersFirst, and last month announced 100,000 people had signed up to the open beta, utilising a free-to-play model.

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