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Real Estate Empire 2

Sequel promises an easier route in for beginners.

Terrace, BC, Canada - November 2, 2009. The beta demo introduces players to all of the exciting new play mechanics in the level driven sequel to Real E$tate Empire. Players will get to play all of the First Things First scenario, learning how to play the game in a very easy to play environment which will teach players everything they will need to know to play the full version. The demo can be downloaded at

To celebrate the demo's release Rusty Axe Games will be offering 50% off of Real E$tate Empire, Big$hot and Battle Castles until Real Estate Empire 2 ships in mid-November!

Real Estate Empire 2 features a streamlined upgrade and renovation system that makes the game easier to pick up and play. Real Estate Empire 2 also features a new goals based system that has players leveling up through a variety of different scenarios and goals. A much requested rental system has added an exciting new game play dimension.

Will you wait for good renters who won't damage your newly renovated bungalow or do you take a chance and get somebody in there to start paying the mortgage today? Do you jack up the rents and play the slum lord or do you fix things up and try to keep everybody happy?

Real E$tate Empire 2's user friendly difficulty system allows players of all ages and capabilities to enjoy the game. Players will be entertained for hours while learning about real estate management at the same time!


• Over 30 levels in four different scenarios.

• Easy to play, goal based gaming makes the game hard to put down • By popular demand we have added a rental system that allows the player to have a renter pay the mortgage but watch out, a bad renter in an upgraded house can be more trouble than the rent check is worth!

• Real life scenarios like Before The Crash recreate real life circumstances and let the player play through them • Learn about real estate management while having fun - Real Estate Empire 2 is the real estate game that teaches you how to win... at the real estate game!

About Rusty Axe Games

Rusty Axe Games is an independent developer and publisher of games for the downloadable PC market. Founded in October of 2003 by verteran game developer, Lennard Feddersen, Rusty Axe has developed and released The Green Myste, 50 Castles, Battles Castles, Real E$tate Empire, Big$hot and will release Real Estate Empire 2 in the Fall of 2009. Red Marble Games ported and publishes Real E$tate Empire for the Macintosh family of computers. Merscom and its partners published Real E$tate Empire at retail worldwide.

For further information please contact:

Lennard Feddersen



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