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Raptr Partners Program

Multi-network IM-based system for sharing your gaming exploits with chums.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 22, 2009 — Raptr (, the social utility that allows you to connect with your gaming friends and see what the world is playing, today announced the launch of its new multi-network instant messaging service. The next step in delivering a comprehensive communications platform for gamers across the social web, Raptr now allows users to chat with their friends on any IM network, all in one friends list, from their PC, Mac or even from their Xbox 360. Raptr’s new IM service supports all major IM networks, including AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, and Facebook Chat as well as gaming services Xfire and Xbox Live. Raptr automatically tracks the games a user is playing, updates their status in real-time to show friends what they are playing and also broadcasts their in-game achievements. Friends who also have Raptr can easily join each other in-game with one click.

Additionally, Raptr announced today a new client-based navigation window, which includes a new game manager, an Arcade section, a user dashboard and a game discovery engine. Each new feature can be launched with just one click from the Raptr IM client, giving users even easier access to view friends’ gaming updates, launch games from their personal game library or see the hottest game titles being played in real-time.

“These days, everybody’s playing games and it’s simply more fun to play with friends. However, it's often frustrating to connect with friends because you don't know when they're actually playing or how to reach them,” said Dennis Fong, Founder and CEO, Raptr. “Today's launch of our multi-network IM made for gaming takes the pain out of figuring out when your friends are playing and getting them to join you in a game. We look forward to providing people with even more ways to connect with friends, discover new games and see what the world is playing.”

Raptr is the only social utility for gaming to support thousands of games across multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox Live, Facebook, Flash and a selection of games on the Wii and PS3. Raptr users can automatically broadcast their gaming activity, stats, rankings and achievements to their friends on Raptr, other social sites including Facebook and Twitter, and now across major IM networks. Additionally, Raptr is the first and only service to create a unique recommendation engine based on the game titles a user and a user’s friends own and play. Details of the new features added today by Raptr include:

Multi-Network IM Made for Gamers: Geared for a new generation of people who play games, the Raptr IM client allows users to chat across all major IM networks in one friends list, including AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, XFire, ICQ, Facebook Chat and Xbox Live. The client also allows users to show their friends what they are playing, join their friends in-game with just one click and chat with their Xbox Live friends from their desktop.

Game Manager: The Raptr Game Manager allows users to easily launch any game on their PC or Mac and automatically keeps a users’ game library organized and up-to-date. The Game Manager also provides real-time visibility into which friends are currently playing a game, important summary information about users’ games and automatic game updates via Raptr’s intelligent patching system.

Raptr Arcade: Within the Game Manager, users can access Raptr Arcade, which provides a selection of some of the most popular, free casual games on the web that are immediately playable from within the Raptr client.

Window into your Total Gaming Experience: Raptr has launched a more seamless way for people to tie together the social information about their gaming life from the Raptr client. This window provides easy access to rich content from the Raptr website about a users’ gaming profile, gaming friends and games played.

Enhanced Discovery: Raptr users are always clamoring for even more information about the hottest and most popular games. Raptr has now added new real-time play modules, top games charts and hot games charts, allowing users to see what games are popular based on games the Raptr community is playing in real-time. A new top reviewer module also allows users to see reviews from some of Raptr’s most prolific game reviewers.

Existing Raptr members will be automatically upgraded to the new Raptr service. First-time users interested in experiencing the new Raptr service should visit

About Raptr

Raptr ( is a social utility that allows you to connect with your gaming friends and see what the world is playing. Our goal is to make playing games more fun and social. We do this by letting you IM with all of your friends in one buddy list, show friends what you're playing, join your friends in-game with one click, share and compare achievements and see what games are hot right now. Raptr is the first service to automatically let you know when your friends are playing games in real-time across multiple platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox Live, Facebook, Flash and a selection of games on the Wii and PS3. Raptr also allows you to automatically share your gaming activity with your friends on Raptr, other popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and on major IM networks like AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, Xfire, Facebook Chat and Xbox Live.

The Raptr client software is distributed through a variety of channels in the gaming industry via its Raptr Partners Program. Current partners include game publishers Activision Publishing, THQ, Sony Online Entertainment, NHN USA, Gamescampus and Gala-Net, as well as hardware companies Razer Group and Bigfoot Networks. For more information on the Raptr Partners Program, please visit Raptr was founded in 2007 by Xfire co-founder and world champion gamer Dennis Fong. The company is made up of people who love to play games and has raised over $12 million in funding from investors that include Accel Partners and The Founders Fund. For more information, please visit

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