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Info on the additions offered by the forthcoming Epic V: Dragonic Age update.

For immediate release

The upcoming extension Epic V: Dragonic Age for the free-to-play MMORPG Rappelz, scheduled for the beginning of this summer, will introduce a lot of new content in the Rappelz world. Here are some of the changes regarding new areas and dungeons:

The main new zone brought by the Epic V is the Veiled Island. Once an untouchable and hidden fortress built by the Draconians to protect the secret of the Dragon's Powers, the Veiled Island has been discovered by explorers who opened the road for new adventurers and monster hunters. Without adventurers to control the monsters populations for ages, the creatures did proliferate and became stronger. The Veiled Island is now one of the most dangerous areas of the world of Rappelz, where only the strongest will be able to survive...

The Dragon's Lair is the dungeon of the Veiled Island, a deep cave full of agressive dragons and powerful magical monsters. Far more impressive and dangerous than the Donjon of Palmir, the Dragon's Lair is a challenge for the highest level adventurers and characters below level 120 may not even survive at the entrance of the cave. The Dragon's Lair will be the location to collect new equipements, but above all, it will be the only place to tame the new unique creatures: the White Dragon and the Cerberus.

Apart of these two new epic zones, many other territories have been revamped and changed in order to propose to the adventurers new hunting grounds. New monsters, such as the Blood Faeries, Twisted Succubus or White Wolf will also join the existing bestiary.

With several hundreds of thousands of players around the world, Rappelz is one of the major international free-to-play MMORPG. The extension Epic V: Dragonic Age, scheduled for the beginning of this summer on the French and German servers, is the first major content addition since the launch of the game in its European versions.

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