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Radiant Worlds layoffs incoming

Unexpected shelving of SkySaga: Infinite Isles leaves developer without income, staff notified of redundancies "potentially affecting everyone"

Radiant Worlds is bracing for significant layoffs. The company today said that it has halted work on its PC adventure game SkySaga: Infinite Isles after publisher Smilegate Entertainment decided to indefinitely postpone development.

"This has resulted in the failure to renew our recently expired contract, and as SkySaga is currently our only project, this has inevitably meant that we now have no ongoing source of income," the company said. "This unfortunately means that all positions at Radiant Worlds are now under threat and we expect to shortly enter a period of consultation with all staff, which is likely to lead to a large number of redundancies across the board, potentially affecting everyone."

Radiant Worlds was founded by Philip and Andrew Oliver along with Richard Smithies after the trio's previous studio, Blitz Games, closed in 2013. SkySaga was to be its first game. While the studio's situation is difficult, the founders aren't giving up just yet.

"We are all devastated at Smilegate's decision but I can confirm that Radiant Worlds is in a strong financial position and has the ability to meet all of our statutory and contractual obligations to all staff and external suppliers," Smithies said. "This is not an insolvency situation and we are totally committed to doing whatever we can to support everyone involved."

Philip Oliver emphasized that the studio hadn't believed their project was in any danger, saying, "Despite an extended period of negotiation, this came as a total shock to us, especially as we continue to believe the game has enormous potential. We have been 100% dedicated to developing SkySaga for Smilegate for several years but since there is no prospect of obtaining enough replacement business within a realistic timeframe, we have been left with no option but to notify our staff of the intended consultancy period today."

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