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Agreement reached to include the Collins Official Scrabble Dictionary in the game.

Dundee, Scotland, May 29th, 2009. Digital toy collective Denki (n: Japanese, lit – ‘electricity’) has today reached an agreement with Collins, the dictionary and language publisher, to include the Collins Official SCRABBLE® Dictionary in Quarrel – the forthcoming videogame currently undergoing design and development within the fun laboratories and test chambers which comprise Denki’s labyrinthine nerve centre.

The inclusion of this dictionary ensures that Quarrel – a game in which up to four competitors strive for dominance through the creation of the most complex and valuable words to capture and colonise the territories formerly held by their contemporaries – is based upon an authoritative and comprehensive lexicon of words and vocabulary.

The incorporation of this dictionary ensures that upon the game’s release, Quarrel players are able to create – and ascertain the definition of – over 114,000 playable words.

“I cannot begin to express adequately my satisfaction with the conclusion of this transaction,” opined Colin Anderson, the managing director of the Denki organisation. “I am quite literally ‘cock-a-hoop’, or jubilant if you will. The primary concern of the individuals who have become party to our plans for the future of Quarrel has been the provenance and credibility of the vocabulary within the aforementioned product. The accord with Collins provides our game with the ne plus ultra of dictionaries within this particular bailiwick. Instantly rendering this query non applicable.”

Dr Elaine Higgleton, the Editorial Director at Collins Language concurs with Anderson’s analysis of the situation. “By using a Collins wordgame dictionary, Denki ensures that players will have the best possible language resource to play from.”

Quarrel is destined for release within the ‘Live Arcade’ virtual console environment incorporated into the Microsoft Xbox 360 videogaming system.

The game is already unquestionably very Denki indeed.


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About Collins

Collins has been making dictionaries for over 175 years and with an extensive and unparalleled 2.5 billion word database which monitors a constant flow of text from publications, websites and transcripts from around the world, Collins provides the sharpest snapshot of the English Language. Collins is one of the UK's leading English dictionary publishers and the market leader in foreign-language dictionaries. From Tony Buzan's Language Revolution and Collins famous English gem to the successful Cobuild English dictionaries for foreign learners and Collins extensive range of digital product, Collins is at the forefront of language publishing.


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