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QTOUR Championship 2008

Counter-Strike contest won by Finland's JiGetus. (What were his parents thinking?)

Stockholm August 6, 2008 for immediate release

Last weekend between 31/7 - 3/8 2008 Assembly summer with more than 5000 participants took place at Hartwall arena in Helsinki, Finland. For the second year in a row QTOUR Championship, the most prestigious 1on1 aim tournament in the world, was on location to crown the best Counter strike 1.6 aimer in Finland. This year as an integrated tournament in the WCG Finland finals.

Defending champion Samu "plastE" Aalto to the finals

The defending Qtour champion from 2007, Samu “plastE” Aalto came back this year to defend his titel. The tournament went pretty easy for plastE until he had to meat his Roccat team mate “naSu” in the quarter finals and won with smallest possible margin in a very intense fight. This was the second time “plastE” defeated “naSu” in Qtour.

A new Counter strike star is born! JiGetus.

On the other side of the bracket a new player in Qtour context, Jirka “JiGetus” Ryhti from team EGC made his way to the finals. “JiGetus” proved to be a skilled world class aimer. With the most famous Finnish shout caster “wabbit” commenting the finals in front of an excited audience “JiGetus” defeated “plastE” with 15 to 9 to become the WCG QTOUR 2008 Finland champion.

plastE’s way to the final

vs. Karri “daichi” Husu 15-9

vs. Niko “nasu” Kovanen 15-13

vs. Joona “natu” Leppänen 15-6

vs. Jirka “JiGetus” Ryhti 9-15

JiGetus way to the final

vs. Anton “rumble” Mikkola 15-1

vs. Markus “Shaker” Pyysalo 15-6

vs. Joni “Freon” Huumo 15-8

vs. Samu "plastE" Aalto 15-9

ABOUT QTOUR Championship

QTOUR Championship is a professional 1on1 tournament with a mission to crown the best individual player in each country in the most popular FPS games that normally is played team based 5 on 5. We invite the best player in each country and leave some spots for online or live qualification. So everybody has a chance to play against their stars.


QPAD built its success on a grassroots commitment to the gaming community. Like you, we thrive in the madness of competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming. Our sponsorship of the Q Tour, events, communities, cups, tournaments, teams and LAN parties reflects this commitment. The knowledge we've gained has fed into our development of high quality lifestyle products for gamers.

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