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Platform selected by Paris-based studio White Birds for Wii party game Crazy Garage.

Embargoed Tuesday August 25th 0900 GMT

Qube Software announces:

August 25th 2009

Paris-based developer White Birds has announced that its latest project for the Wii™ console is being built on Qube Software’s ‘Q’ platform.

The title, called Crazy Garage, is a cartoon style ‘party game’, inspired by TV shows like ‘Pimp My Ride,’ and features a number of mini games.

White Birds started using Q in December and the title, which is now at Beta stage, will be completed in the next few weeks.

The deal makes White Birds the first studio in France to adopt Q.

“Among the features that led us to choose Q were the interface-driven philosophy (QCOM), the ease of use of QStudio for artists and the quality of the Maya exporter,” said White Birds’ Lead Developer, Damien Kochanek. “We appreciated the modularity it offered, which was perfect for a party game like ours.”

The backup White Birds received had also been a key factor in their decision, said White Birds’ Production Director Jean-Brice de Cazenove.

“The support from Qube has been great,” he said.  “Our questions have always been answered very quickly and most of the features we've asked for have been implemented. This is without a doubt another huge benefit of working with Q.”

The close working relationship between the studio and Qube helped the French developers to get to grips with Q’s unique approach. Q is designed to offer a framework and components which studios can configure and augment to match their project and chosen way of working.

“Q has been a challenge for the team to master,” Kochanek said, “but the time it takes is definitely worth it.

“We are still learning, but once we got the basics of Q down, it proved to be a powerful engine and framework. Thanks to QCOM, Q is very modular and highly customizable, maybe too much in the beginning! Thanks to features such as the shader profile system, Q is also a true multi-platform engine: we have been able to develop our game on one platform and make it work on a second without difficulties,” he said.

White Birds in turn provided the team at Qube with one of the best tests to date of Q technology. The French team’s technical expertise meant that the feedback it provided was valuable.

“They’re very professional and very able,” said Q Program Manager Jamie Fowlston. “In particular their artwork provided a really useful test for us and helped us make sure that our tools work the way they should.”



White Birds is a Paris based development studio, employing 30 people. Created in 2002 by Olivier Fontenay and Michel Bams, both experienced industry professionals, the studio has already released more than 10 titles on various platforms. The studio is well known for its high quality adventures (“Paradise”, “Sinking Island”, “Nikopol”, “Criminology”) and creates games with added value in graphics and scenario. White Birds is official developer on all main platforms. The company is also a member, together with “Darkworks”, “Kylotonn” and “Wizarbox” of the “PlayAll” consortium working on a cross-platform middleware due for launch later this year.

Qube Software produces Q, the only true all-genre, all-platform 3D game development solution on the market today. Q’s modular framework approach provides a complete cross-studio solution that empowers developers to customise or add to it quickly, neatly and simply. Qube Software was founded by Servan Keondjian and Doug Rabson, the creators of Direct3D, and has its headquarters in London, UK. To try Q contact Hud Saunders on +44 (0) 20 7431 9995 or via Further details are available at

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