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PT Boats: Knights of the Sea

Akella's torpedo boat sim signed by

01 October 2009, an independent internet-based publisher for superior war and strategy games and one of the internet's largest wargaming communities, and Akella, one of Eastern Europe's leading development and publishing houses, proudly present „PT Boats: Knights of the Sea“!

„PT Boats: Knights of the Sea“ is dedicated to a small group of little known - but perhaps some of the most daring - naval combatants of World War II: the torpedo boat crews. Commanding small, fast and agile boats, known as the „mosquito fleet“, they proved extremely dangerous to bigger vessels due their speed and agility - and the on-board torpedo launchers! More than once in the history of WWII, a handful of those little deadly boats helped decide the course of an entire battle and executed seemingly impossible missions.

„PT Boats: Knights of the Sea“ is a full-blown naval simulation, and more: combining key elements of a strategic, tactical and action simulator, the game allows the player to control each crew member separately - or command whole groups of ships in a strategic layer!

Leading small crews on tiny ships against a much stronger opponent will let you experience the intricacies of naval combat in its most immediate form. Flexible options will allow you to fully customize the game’s difficulty, and you will be able to choose to focus on specific areas of your ship (such as manning a specific gun), or command the big picture.

All ships and weapons are recreated using authentic historical documents. All game objects use real-life physics, and you will be able to experience such beautiful and realistic sea and ambiance effects as never seen before in a PC game.

„PT Boats“ fully supports DirectX 10 and multi-core processors. System requirements and the recommended system configuration is listed below.

„PT Boats: Knights of the Sea“ is currently in localization stage and will be ready for release later this year, 2009. The english language version will be available in North America and Europe only from, via direct download or as a hardcopy with fully printed manual and DVD box by mail for $45 (plus S&H if applicable). A free demo will be available around the time of release as well.

The official game site with more details about the game, screenshots, videos, discussion board and future announcements is located at

Said Martin van Balkom from „When I first fired up the demo for the game, there must have been a loud popping sound that my eyes made! The ambience, the wave effects, the lighting, and last but not least the ship models are breathtaking. After diving into the game I realized that the detail in the simulation doesn’t end with the visuals, and it was instantly clear that this was a game we just had to publish. Battlefront’s large wargaming community loves well made realistic and detailed simulations and strategy games, and PT Boats provides both of that in a unique mix of high speed boating action, intriguing tactical challenge and hardcore naval strategy.“

Said Svetlana Gorobets from Akella: „We are happy to work with Huge expertise that the company has in the field of wargaming convinces us that the product is in trusted hands of highly qualified professionals who will bring it to great number of gamers in North America, Western Europe and Asia. „PT Boats: Knights of the Sea“ is the next great product from naval line-up that Akella is famous with, and we hope that lots of efforts and knowledge which we’ve put into the game will bring a lot of fun to the community.“

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