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PSVR 2 sold just shy of 600,000 units in six weeks

PlayStation to invest more in new IP by FY25, strategy meeting report also shows

The PlayStation VR 2 sold just shy of 600,000 units in six weeks from launch, tracking ahead of the original PSVR.

As part of a Sony corporate strategy meeting from last week, the platform holder shared some insights into its games business, including the PSVR 2 launch.

While exact figures weren't shared (see graph below, right), the PSVR 2 sold 8% more than the original PSVR during its first six weeks, Sony showed. On the graph, the line for the PSVR 2 gets very close to the 600,000 units milestone, while the PSVR one sits in between the 500,000 and the 600,000 marks.

Sony didn't share how the PSVR 2 has been faring beyond this launch window. Earlier this year – and before the headset's launch on February 22 – the firm refuted a report saying PSVR 2 production numbers had been cut.

Elsewhere in Sony's corporate strategy meeting, the platform holder shared that it intends to increase investment in new IP.

During FY19, 80% of PlayStations Studios investment was into existing IP. It's estimated that this number will be 60% by the end of FY23 and Sony plans to invest 50% in new IP and 50% in established IP by fiscal year 2025.

Sony shared its financial results for FY22 in late April, with PS5 shipping 19 million units in the financial year and games revenues being up 33% to $26.5 billion.

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