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Bunker-based audio studio launches own middleware.


2nd June 2010

Periscope Studio Hamburg took the inspiration for its name from the WW2 submarine factory bunker it renovated as its studio in 2007. Buried deep within the sound deadening earth and situated in the heart of Germany’s ‘Media Centre’ Hamburg, Periscope Studio is pushing the boundaries of audio and recording for videogames.

Over the past 3 years, Periscope Studio has quietly forged itself a strong reputation in Germany for its innovative and creative audio services. Nominated twice in the 2009 German Develop awards for ‘Best Soundtrack’ on the PC adventure games 'Black Mirror 2' and 'The Whispered World’, Periscope has proved itself one of the most successful and innovative videogame audio studios in Europe.

Periscope has also developed its own middleware product known as ‘psai ® ’ (pronounced ‘psy’) which stands for ‘Periscope Studio Audio Intelligence’ which when applied to videogames, intelligently matches the game music and context to the actions of the player, ensuring game-play experiences are unique to each and every player.

Jan Werkmeister, Managing Director explains, “psai ® was, quite simply, borne out of necessity. We have worked on original film, TV and TV advertising scores in the past and the linear approach of providing music for certain scenes at certain lengths works very well. But, applying the same structure to gaming, where the player has control of the game progression, didn’t work for us. We worked with every audio technology product available, but still we were not satisfied with the end result. It caused delays in reworking levels when the developers changed certain elements, meant time was wasted and as such, our original scores were not working as intended. With psai ® , we eliminate these issues, add to cost savings and at the same time, develop a game-play ingredient which completely enhances the emotional and interactive nature of gaming.”

In addition to cutting-edge middleware, Periscope Studio boasts state-of-the-art sound recording facilities, original score writing talent – which utilises small instrumental pieces to full orchestral support - and a consultancy service for developers and publishers alike from all language voice-overs to bespoke technical assistance.

Jan concludes; “Being ardent gamers ourselves, we instinctively know how the consumer interacts and reacts to in-game audio and music and we believe these elements have been an untapped resource for too long. With our ‘Trinity’ of services – Consultancy, Audio and Technology - we can support projects of any size and scope, but most importantly, add gravitas and greater player enjoyment to all of them.”

Periscope Studio Hamburg will be present at GDC Europe and Gamescom in Cologne in August. Visit www.periscopestudio.de to book your meeting.


Editors notes


Founded in 2007, Periscope Studio, Hamburg, has rapidly grown into one of Europe’s most successful and innovative audio studios focused in the videogame market.

Periscope Studio is based within a WW2 submarine engine factory which has been turned into a state-of-the-art studio and recording facility. Taking inspiration from their submariner surroundings and the essential understanding of sound, Periscope has a complete mastery of how sound and audio works, enabling them to create the right and unique experience for every client every time. Their philosophy is “to delve into the depths of audio”.

They have developed their own middleware product ‘psai ® ’ for truly interactive music in game which provides a greater emotional and revolutionary game-play experience. Recently nominated for "Best Soundtrack" in the German Developer Awards 2009 for 'Black Mirror 2' and 'The Whispered World', Periscope has quickly developed a reputation for innovative sound design, techniques and technology.

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