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Project "Top Secret" winner announced

Michael Zummo has been offered the directorship of an upcoming game working with David Perry

Acclaim has announced the winner of its Project "Top Secret" design contest.

Michael "Doran" Zummo will be offered the directorship of an upcoming game from Acclaim Games, working with David Perry as executive producer.

Zummo is a usability expert and avid gamer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has served as co-director of the Top Secret Advisory Board since its inception in November 2007. He presides over many meetings with team members from around the world, writes a weekly What's Going On section and has contributed steadily to the Top Secret design.

According to Acclaim, the project has claimed three major games industry milestones - it's the biggest development team in history (60,000+ people), the biggest user-generated game design team and the biggest career hike ever given as a prize.

"I think we've proven that this is a great way to find super passionate people, by creating an incredibly difficult task, unleashing it on a massive amount of people who live for games, using the latest internet technologies, and hiring the ones that rose to the top," said leader David Perry.

"It's a win-win and you can be sure we will be doing more of it in the future."

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