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Project Ninja

"Super secretive" anime-inspired project from online publishers "who wish to remain nameless".

Award-winning online publishers, who wish to remain nameless, reveal the first details of their new, super secretive, anime-inspired project.

The "Project Ninja" mystery

A new web comic? Perhaps a new cartoon? Or even a brand new game? Does anybody know anything about "Project Ninja"??

A mystery publishing company has today unleashed a cute-and-colourful taster of what to expect from their secretive upcoming release - codenamed “Project Ninja” - revealing no less than 9 beautiful character images and a bit of background information to tease your interest.

"Project Ninja", the story so far...

“Project Ninja” promises to focus on the unique life and journey of a ninja, who is entrusted with defeating the world's most evil and destructive warrior corporations.

As the last hope of the world and the 'chosen one', the ninja needs to protect Angel City and restore the natural balance of order, utilizing extraordinary ninja skills along the way.


So far, the newly released images only serve to further increase the “Project Ninja” mystery. This first batch of character images shows shy, innocent looking girls who probably wouldn't be much use in a martial arts fight. What is the purpose of these characters?

But then the next images... male and female characters that are well and truly ready for action!

The male characters are holding dangerous bladed weapons, while the female looks like she knows a thing or two about dishing out devastating roundhouse kicks!


Finally, these images show just why the new production is codenamed "Project Ninja", depicting various male and female ninja characters with diverse skills and disciplines.

So, how do all of these characters come together? Only time will tell...

Though "Project Ninja" details are still as mysterious as they are scarce, it's never too early to begin speculating on what is been prepared by the award-winning company. Is it a new web comic? An animated series? Or even a completely new game??

Whatever the format, gamers and anime lovers alike are guaranteed to be satisfied when further "Project Ninja" details are released in the coming weeks.

The mystery company promises to release more information about "Project Ninja" very, very soon.


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