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Postal 2

Patch 1409X fixes bugs (it's never too late) and adds multiplayer and editing stuff.


January 21, 2010

Tucson, AZ: A project that has literally been in development for years – a multiplayer patch for Running With Scissors' POSTAL 2 – is now available via download as a very special gift to the POSTAL Community. Co-created by RWS member Jon Merchant and POSTAL mod master Kamek, with support from various members of that storied game community, the patch dubbed 1409X is prepared to prove that the long wait for its arrival was well worth it.

"1409X is a collection and vast improvement of the greatest and most commonly used POSTAL 2 multiplayer updates, game types and fixes, all organized into a nice little patch," explained Merchant. "It also fixes some bugs based on community feedback and adds three new DeathMatch maps, eight arena maps and a Snatch map."

1409X also adds many new features for Mappers to mess with, as well as some new Editor functions. With these updates installed, POSTAL 2 becomes one of the most configurable online games ever produced.

Jon Merchant extended special thanks to Mod Man Kamek for "making all this possible" and to POSTAL Community members that "helped with ideas, testing and feedback, most notably Mr Downerup of and Rob Myth from the DKT clan."

A detailed version of the patch's features, along with extensive instructions can be found in PDF format here . To download the client side patch users can find the installer for Windows here while the Zip archive for Linux, Mac and Windows (Manual install) is here and the full 1409X dedicated server for Windows is located here.

For gamers who would like to rent a dedicated server to run a POSTAL 2 1409X server, we highly recommend -- and additional support for running servers is available if needed, via

And don't forget – POSTAL 2 Multiplayer has been free for some time in Windows, Linux and Mac formats, so if you have not done so already, get in on the mad, mad world of POSTAL 2 Multiplayer -- which is, even now, getting a whole new lease on life. Here's where you go:



Mac OSX:

NOTE: For Windows only, 1409X is not compatible with Linux servers (sorry!), though Linux users can still install the patch and join Windows servers, as 1409X will work on both dedicated listen (in-game) servers.

For those deprived souls that have not yet played POSTAL 2: Share the Pain in MP, now is the perfect time to get your feet wet, so to speak. There are three main sub communities within the POSTAL Community macroverse, so you are sure to find one that suits your style. There is the more serious Snatch (CTF) Community; the heavily-modded Deathmatch Community, with its crazy, over-the-top weapons, maps and mods, and, finally, the Team Deathmatch Community that sits somewhere in between the other two. Many players have been playing the game a very long time and you are likely to make some new acquaintances along the way.

For more information on Postal software and gear, as well as updates on the development of POSTAL III and other POSTAL products, visit our newly expanded site which includes links to both our GoPostal and POSTAL Babes sites. Also watch for the latest emailing of Prime Cuts for in-depth coveage of the highest lights on the RWS scene.

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