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Popnus Puzzle

Bomb-blasting match-3 puzzler for PC, Mac and, soon, iPhone.


Popnus Puzzle is an addictive match 3 game with completely unique gameplay mechanics. In Popnus you can make your own strategies, solve more than 80 clever puzzles or survive a frantic blast of bombs with such a freedom never seen in this kind of game.

September 1, 2009 - Happy Nutz Studio releases Popnus Puzzle, an addictive match 3 game with an innovative twist that breaks apart of what have seen until now, In Popnus you can feel the movement freedom as well as the freedom to create your own strategy and when to execute it.

If you like the challenges play through 80 levels of involving, thrilling puzzles. Make you own strategies in the classic mode or feel the adrenalin surviving to a frantic blast of bombs in the survival mode; you can download the trial version at


-Unique and dynamic gameplay with total freedom

-80 hand-crafted Puzzles levels

-6 frantic Survival levels

-5 challenging Classic levels

Platform: PC, Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch

Size: 23.6 Mb

Category: Puzzle Match 3

Price: $9.95

Game website:

Download PC Demo URL:

Download Mac Demo URL:

iPhone/iPod Touch: Coming soon

For additional information about Popnus (screenshots, evaluation copy or demo), visit or contact Victor Padilla.

About Happy Nutz Studio:

Founded in 2007, Happy Nutz Studio it’s an indie game developer studio with a team of… well actually now just one designer. Fun games for everyone is our main goal. Visit us at


Victor Padilla

Happy Nutz Studio

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