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PlayStation VR demos hit stores starting tomorrow

Sony rolling out hands-on kiosks at hundreds of North American locations this month

One of the big challenges for VR will be getting people to try the tech first-hand since the experience doesn't easily translate to traditional media. Sony wants to give potential early adopters plenty of time to try out PlayStation VR and build buzz before the headset launches October 13, so its rolling out demo stations of the headset across North America starting tomorrow.

Sony has VR demos planned for 30 Best Buy and GameStop locations this Friday and Saturday, and will launch demos at about 300 locations in the US and Canada beginning June 24. Sony is also making VR a key part of its Road to Greatness tour, which hits air shows, community festivals, and other events around the US throughout the summer.

Those interested in finding VR demo kiosks and event stops can visit Sony's official site.

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