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Play Sunshine releases

Burn It! and Touring Car Racing 2010 launched in assorted territories and by digital download too.

Aylesbury, England and Bucharest, Romania

Play Sunshine, the new multi-platform video games developer and publisher, today announced the release of its first two PC racing games, “Burn It!” and “Touring Car Racing 2010”.

“Burn It!” is filled to the brim with the undesirable characters of the modern age – bankers, hedge fun managers and oligarchs – all blowing their money in races around the world's main financial and power hubs! The cars are ostentatious, the upgrades and frivolities players can spend the prize money on even more so. Race in 40 missions in 10 cities, including London, Berlin, Rio and Washington DC. Burn rubber, burn money, Burn It!

“Touring Car Racing 2010” brings the exciting and highly popular European motor sport of touring cars to the PC. Ten tracks, ten different teams, 30 drivers to compete against in the qualifying, single races and full championships.

The first publishing partners are already signed up for the two games, including leading German publisher Media Verlag in German-speaking territories, where the games are being released as “GT Speed Racing” and “Tourenwagen 2010”. Further confirmed publishing partners are IQ Publishing in Poland and Akella in Russia and the CIS. Both games are also being made available on leading digital distribution portals.

“All our racing games are developed so that we can add specific advertising partners, create promotional versions for large and small brands alike, build games specific to car manufacturers' wishes, as well as easy localise the titles for releases around the world”, says Andrei Gireada, CTO at Play Sunshine.

The products are available for licensing in territories and markets around the world, and the company further expects to announce its next two PC racing game releases in February. With publishing offices in the UK and development offices in Bucharest, Romania, Play Sunshine already has official developer status on Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Apple iPhone, to go along with its development work for PC, on-line and Facebook games.

“We are currently working with a number of partners on bespoke development work on a variaty of platforms and genres,” added Richard M Holmes, CEO, “and expect to be announcing further products and developments on a number of formats in the coming weeks, as we grow our development in line with our aggressive plans for growth.”

For additional information on Play Sunshine and its products, including product information and demos, please contact Mr. Vili Bageag, PR Manager, on email, phone +40 771 716 080. Play Sunshine can be followed on the company Facebook fan page at or on Twitter at

ABOUT PLAY SUNSHINE – Play Sunshine (UK) Ltd is based in Aylesbury, England, and has a development office in central Bucharest, Romania. Play Sunshine is a developer and publisher of computer and video games and entertainment on PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone and on online platforms such as Facebook.

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