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Platinum Games: We're working with the ESRB on MadWorld

Developer further reveals that the title may never make it to Germany or Australia over violence concerns

Platinum Games has revealed that it is working closely with the US ratings group the Entertainment Software Ratings Board in order to achieve an M rating for MadWorld, despite the upcoming title's already infamous violence.

Speaking to MTV, the developer explained how the ESRB receives regular updated builds of the game and that Sega takes note of their feedback. The developer wants the ratings group to feel "part of the process" and doesn't want to surprise them.

However, it was further revealed that the title may never see a Japanese release, despite being developed by a studio based in the region. Sega said they would not be showing the title at the Tokyo Games Show, taking place this week, and would not consider the title's release in the region until after its US debut in 2009.

MadWorld may also fail to see a release in other videogames violence-sensitive nations such as Australia and Germany, where Sega currently has no plans to release the title in those markets.

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