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Plastic Wax update

Digital animation studio expecting an even busier 2010.

Silverwater, AU – July 1, 2009 – Plastic Wax, a leading digital animation studio specializing in videogame production and premium entertainment, today announced another year of growth fueled by new projects involving top intellectual properties and serious investments in new technology.

This mid-year update allows Plastic Wax to reveal 2009 collaborations that had been kept under wraps for months: the opening cinematic and unlockable cinematic for Activision’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen game, two different thirty-second television spots that mix live action and CG (which involved animating the classic Slimer character) for Atari’s Ghostbusters, and the E3 2009 CG trailer to launch the new Relic/THQ title Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. Plastic Wax also has a number of unannounced videogame projects in the works, as well as a feature length film.

To meet the expectations of games industry leaders in the face of more conservative development budgets while creating capacity for new endeavors, Plastic Wax continues to infuse resources into state-of-the-art technology. The most recent addition at the Sydney-based studio is a new high performance IBM iDataPlex render farm that allows the team to tackle any job in quick timeframes as well as continual research and development in body and facial capture and performance. With the new addition of over 50 machines, each packed with two physical quad core Intel Xeon CPUs and 8GB of RAM, combined with a partnership with NVIDIA to get access to the most progressive graphic cards and processors, Plastic Wax is prepared for the most technically demanding projects.

“Plastic Wax’s diverse and talented team, combined with our cutting edge facilities, means we are unusually flexible in how meet our client’s needs,” said Roger Maddams, CEO of Plastic Wax. “The cross-pollination of different kinds of digital media and the accelerating march of new technology requires the right instincts and vision, and I believe Plastic Wax’s results speak for themselves. 2009 has been a fantastic year so far and I look forward to bigger and better in 2010.”

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About Plastic Wax

Located in the heart of Sydney Australia with a satellite office in San Francisco, CA, Plastic Wax is a leading digital design, 3D art, animation and production studio specializing in the creation of premium digital entertainment, 3D art and animation for the global videogames and entertainment industry. From scripting and story-boarding, to character and set design, audio and sound effects for film, television and videogames, high and low poly modeling, motion capture, hand key animation and visual effects, Plastic Wax offers the complete creative solution for your CG requirements. Whether it is the latest videogame, feature length DVD movie or 30 second television commercial, the Plastic Wax teams will be able to meet your digital 3D art, animation and visual effects needs.


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