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Pioneering: Explore the Early American West

First episode of historical life-sim set to arrive this month.

For Immediate Release

Today The History Forge ( has announced their plans to bring the first episode of their downloadable series, Pioneering, to PCs within the next four weeks. Episode one of the Pioneering series, Explore the Early American West, places gamers in the role of a young pioneer attempting to survive and prosper amid the rigours of the early American frontier. A frontier life-sim, Pioneering gives players the chance to engage with a faithful reconstruction of the old American west at the time of the American Revolution. From buying property, marriage, and warfare, Pioneering: Explore the Early American West offers gamers an authentic interactive experience that will give them a taste of the old frontier days this game depicts.

“The upcoming release of Pioneering: Explore the Early American West is an exciting time for us as players will finally have an opportunity to engage with this incredible period in history through a new interactive means. First and foremost, Pioneering is a game but it one that we have chosen to set in an authentic world based upon firsthand accounts of frontier life, not sensationalised film or TV depictions,” commented the game’s director.

As with all of The History Forge’s planned episodic content Pioneering: Explore the Early American West aims to provide around 2-4 hours of game per episode in an open world environment. Exact pricing for Pioneering has yet to be determined by The History Forge is working with its digital distribution partners to ensure that the price of each individual episode is kept as low as possible. Although no final pricing has yet been set each episode will likely cost less than $10. A demo of Pioneering: Explore the Early American West is currently being readied for release on The History Forge’s official website, as well as being prepared for magazine demo discs. The History Forge has also launched a new forum on its official website:

About The History Forge: The History Forge Ltd is a new developer and publisher of niche titles based upon actual historic periods or episodes. Our first game will be Pioneering: Explore the Early American West which is due in September 2009. The second (as yet untitled) episode of Pioneering is due for release in November 2009 with new projects set to be announced for 2010. For more information please visit

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