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PGTA quality control panel

Gamers invited to test training academy's lesson process.

Lincolnshire, UK. 6th October 2009

The Professional Gamer Training Academy ( would like to invite gamers who play multiplayer competitive games on PC, Xbox360, PS3 and Wii to be part of our panel of quality controllers.

Why a Quality Control Panel?

PGTA intends to provide a high quality experience to its customers, from the point of registering on the website through ordering and booking a lesson, then on to the lesson itself. Regular testing of the processes and training courses will enable us to ensure that our high standards are maintained..

What will the PGTA Quality Control Panel do?

To ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible service, we are building a panel of gamers who will be required to test the system from the point of registering right through to having the lesson with the instructor. A feedback form will be provided to each member of the panel to complete during the process, indicating the panel members experience of each aspect of the process, including the lesson. The panel will not be known to the instructors so that the feedback forms will be a true test of the training as well as the processes that lead to the lessons. Members of the panel will receive a small fee for their time.

How to Join the Panel

If you would like to participate, please email PGTA at and provide a list of games and platforms that you would be happy to take part in assessing processes/lessons for.

Who are PGTA?

PGTA has been started by Kathy Zablotzky, also known by her gamertag of Snuggles. Kathy ran her own training company for 10 years. Kathy became involved in professional gaming when In 2007 she was asked to join the London Mint professional gaming team as their female Dead or Alive 4 player by the Manager, Sujoy Roy. London Mint went on to become UK Champions and got to the quarter finals of the world finals in Los Angeles in December 2007.

Many of PGTA's instructors play for well known gaming teams, including Team Dignitas and GBH. They are given teacher training and taught how to develop and deliver structured training courses that provide the most benefit to the students.

Press Contact:

Kathy Zablotzky



Tel: 07900 220069

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