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Petroglyph announces free online game

Developer signs a deal to work with True Games on the micro-transaction title.

Petroglyph has announced that it is working on an online game with newly-founded publisher True Games.

The title, already in development, will be free to play and funded through micro transactions. Post-launch, True Games will operate the Western versions of the game with plans to collaborate with foreign publishers for different territories.

"Many free-to-play games on the market today have already launched in other territories giving the US market little to no input into the development and features," said COO at True Games Interactive's Bob Drobish.

"This product will be a true cohesive effort between the development and publishing teams and we have total faith it will produce a high quality product."

Petroglyph has previously worked on titles such as Star Wars: Universe at War and was founded as a split off group from Westwood. True Games is a relatively new publisher founded by former executives of K2 Network - an MMO specialist publisher.

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