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Perplex City Worldwide Treasure Hunt Concludes in Dramatic Fashion as Winner Arrives at London Offices to Claim $200,000 prize

Amateur Archeologist Finds Hidden Cube After 2 Year Long Search


London, England - February, 8 2007 - The search is finally over! Mind Candy, creators of Perplex City (, the puzzle-based worldwide treasure hunt, announced today that the long sought-after Receda Cube (a priceless artifact stolen from Perplex City) has been found. For the last two years, more than 50,000 registered Perplex City players in 92 countries have collected cards, solved puzzles, come together in online and physical gatherings, and scoured the planet for clues to the elusive Cube's location.

Today, in an epic showing of his deductive prowess, Andy Darley, an amateur archaeologist, rocketed to the head of the pack as he succeeded in unearthing the Cube which was buried in Wakerley Great Wood, England (approximately 110 miles north of London) to claim the $200,000 reward.

"It's been a long time coming," said Michael Smith, CEO of Mind Candy. "We've been fascinated watching so many players get involved and really immerse themselves in the community as well as the game. Alternate Reality Games are a brand new kind of entertainment, so I think the incredible response is very encouraging for the future of the genre."

The journey to the Cube involved piecing together clues that were present in almost every form of media available, including web sites, books, voicemail, text messages and, of course, the puzzle cards themselves. In order to receive the reward, Mr. Darley was not only required to locate the Cube, but to bring it in-person to the Mind Candy offices in London, England.

Andy Darley arrived at the Mind Candy office, cube in hand, at 12:40PM local time, February 8. Upon delivery of the Cube, Mr. Darley was awarded a $200,000 check for his efforts in helping the bewildered populace of Perplex City to reclaim their wayward heirloom. Mr. Darley, age 38, traveled from Feltham, England in order to retrieve the Cube and return it to its rightful owners.

"Of all the 50,000 players, from all these different countries, I never thought for a moment I would be the person to find the Cube. I was playing for the puzzles, and the stories, but it was only a few days ago that I thought I was in with a chance. As I pulled the Cube from the sticky, wet clay, and even after I'd found it, as I was waiting to return the Cube, all I could think about is how bizarre the whole thing really was."

During the course of the first season, various live events were played all over the world. One such event took place this past August in San Francisco, California. In the largest alternate reality gaming live event in history, hundreds of players took to the hilly streets solving puzzles and gathering clues that were scattered throughout the city. A hi-tech first-of-its-kind RFID game was played as well. For these types of innovations and others, Mind Candy is proud to be a finalist in the SXSW 10th Annual Web Awards in the Amusement Category. For more information, please visit:

With this event wrapping up Perplex City: Season One, plans for Season Two are getting underway. Michael Smith continued: "Andy Darley's dedication and enthusiasm in finding the Cube has really galvanized us in our preparations for Season Two."

Adrian Hon, Head of Story, and Mr. Darley are available for interview.

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