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PELAA! Magazine will be the biggest gaming publication in Finland ever


H-Town, the publisher of PELAA!, Pelaaja, Anime and PCpelaaja magazines is about to make Finnish videogame journalism history. The Christmas issue of PELAA! will have a print run of 1,450,000, making it the most widely circulated gaming magazine ever in Finland - and one of the world's biggest. PELAA! will be sent directly to 1.38 million Finnish homes.

The new PELAA! presents the biggest names in family friendly gaming this Christmas. It also finds out how Harry Potter and King Kong will become both hit films and hit games, and introduces the next generation of gaming.

"The whole family reads PELAA! Magazine. It's all about gaming for beginners and dummies. Instead of being a specialist magazine for enthusiasts, we aim to tell what are the best Christmas presents to buy - and on what not to spend your money", says the editor-in-chief of PELAA!, Harro Grönberg.

The Christmas issue of PELAA! will be published on 30.11.2005.

PELAA! Magazine was founded in 2005. It is published by H-Town, a publishing company wholly owned by its employees.

For more information about the PELAA! Magazine Christmas issue, please contact the editor-in-chief Harro Grönberg (+358 40 535 0139, or the marketing director Harri Manninen (+358 50 313 7696,

H-Town Oy is a publishing company founded in year 2002. It publishes Pelaaja-, Anime-, and PELAA!-magazines and is launching a new pc gaming magazine PCpelaaja in December. H-Town Oy also produces content for numerous online services and Finland's second largest national newspaper, the Aamulehti. H-Town's products reach over a million young pop culture enthusiasts every month. H-Town Oy employs more than 25 persons.

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