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Paradox Interactive signs worldwide deal with

New York, USA (February 13, 2007) - Recognized global publisher Paradox Interactive announced today that it has signed a worldwide deal with developer to publish their upcoming PC title "Combat Mission: Shock Force".

The computer games series "Combat Mission" has received much acclaim from the gaming community for its simulations of tactical battles. Its fans span the globe and "Combat Mission: Shock Force" is described as the pinnacle of the series where the developers have poured years of experience into the game and its entirely new engine.

This tactical military simulation depicts a hypothetical near future conflict between NATO and Syrian forces in Syria.A highly story driven semi-dynamic Campaign, from the US perspective, offers a completely new experience for "Combat Mission" fans. Each battle include a detailed Mission Briefing outlining specific Objectives, which can range from taking a particular spot on the map to retaining force cohesion. The Objectives for each side can be different, allowing each side to fight according to its own goals rather than a single set common to both.

"'' has carved a very special niche for themselves in the tactical battles simulations arena, much like Paradox Interactive has in the area of strategy games", said Executive Vice President Fredrik Wester. "Both companies are highly committed to bringing quality games with much replayability to fans of war and strategy games and we are thrilled to be publishing their flagship title "Combat Mission: Shock Force" worldwide".

"Combat Mission: Shock Force is the culmination of 9 years of experience in developing and publishing the award-winning Combat Mission series. It goes without saying that we wanted the best partner to bring this game to a worldwide audience, and when Paradox Interactive signaled their interest, we did not need to look any further", said Martin van Balkom, President of "Paradox' track record and incredible team is giving us exactly what we've been looking for in a publisher, and those who are familiar with Battlefront's past, will know just how much that means. Combat Mission: Shock Force is going to be a new revolution as genuine tactical combat simulation for the PC, and we're excited to call Paradox our partner to finalize and then release it to gamers worldwide!"

For brand new screens and more information about "Combat Mission: Shock Force", please visit the official website

About Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive has been a leading publisher and developer of strategy games for the PC platform since 1999. Well-known worldwide for their strategy titles, the company has a particularly strong presence in Europe and the US. The steadily growing publishing portfolio includes in-house developed titles such as critically acclaimed franchises Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron; as well as third party titles that include Rush for Berlin in North America, Galactic Civilizations II in Europe and upcoming worldwide release of Frontline: Fields of Thunder.

The experienced development team has just released Europa Universalis III, which has gone on to win praise and awards worldwide.

About is an independent developer and online publisher of Superior War and Strategy Games, and home to one of the largest and fastest growing wargaming communities on the net. The current portfolio of games sold via and through other publishers includes a lot of award-winning titles, such as the Combat Mission series, Strategic Command, TacOps (a commercial version of the official US Army training tool), the tank simulation T-72:Balkans on Fire, the air combat strategy game Down in Flames, and the "realistic" Sci-Fi mechanized combat online game DropTeam. Upcoming titles from Battlefront include Theatre of War by 1C Company, Histwar: Les Grognards and of course the new Combat Mission flagship game Shock Force. Find out more at and join the online community!

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