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Pandora Saga

Atlus Online's free-to-play MMORPG begins closed beta tomorrow.


IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- DECEMBER 15, 2010 -- Atlus Online will tomorrow launch the  Pandora Saga™ Closed Beta, opening the doors to its upcoming free-to-play MMORPG through December 19th.  The brief taste of the game's breathtaking battles--at times up to 600 players large--in addition to its real-time combat and multi-tier job class system offers an exciting sampling of what MMORPG fans can expect when Pandora Saga launches early next year.  Although Closed Beta registration has already concluded, interested gamers can still obtain access via a limited number of keys available through select partners in the gaming press, including:,,, and

" Pandora Saga's Closed Beta will play a major part in helping us balance and refine the final play experience for our fans," commented Producer Justin Guthrie of Atlus Online.  "Just as importantly, it will give gamers looking forward to Pandora Saga's unique mix of large-scale battles and real-time, strategy-laced combat a chance to dive into our completely redone English localization and experience advanced features like the multi-tier Job Class system.  We're planning on making the Closed Beta as packed with events and special things-to-do as possible, so participants are encouraged to log in early and often!"

In order to provide as complete a Pandora Saga experience as possible, an accelerated experience curve will allow for faster progression in and exploration through the game world.  Moreover, the Closed Beta is set to conclude with a War of Nations (5:30pm to 9:00pm PT on Sunday, December 19th), an excellent preview of the large-scale battles  Pandora Saga promises to deliver when it launches on Atlus Online's interactive portal in early 2011.  As a token of appreciation for their Pandora Saga love, the first 300 Closed Beta participants who log into the game each day will be rewarded with a Premium Ticket for Pandora Saga's Open Beta.  A Premium Ticket will be a beneficial item that will help increase experience and drop rates while minimizing the death penalty

CLICK HERE for download links to the Pandora Saga Closed Beta client. 

For more info about the game, visit the official site at


About Pandora Saga 

There once stood a Great Empire where a primeval relic known as "Pandora" kept peace and harmony.  One fateful night, peace was shattered as a great fire rained down upon the earth, leaving nothing behind but smoldering ash.  Overnight, the once great empire was reduced to rubble, wiping out any traces of Pandora along with it.  Three new nations emerged from the ruin - The Kingdom of St. Pfelstein, The Empire of Latuga, and The Confederation of Varik - each vying for ultimate control of both territory and resources in this developing land, and searching for the long-forgotten artifact, Pandora.  Prophecy states, "Those who find Pandora will be granted unparalleled honor, power, and riches."  The truth of these words, however, remains unclear.  So it is amidst this battle for supremacy that you awaken.  Bereft of memory, you will choose a side and lend your strength to their defense lest the war for control and quest to find Pandora first brings the walls of your nation crumbling down...

Key Features

War of tremendous scale--With an emphasis on PvP action and a variety of immense theatres of war upon which to wage battle, some of Pandora Saga's greatest conflicts can host as many as 600 combatants. Real-time, strategy--laced combat-Breaking from genre traditions, attacks occur in real-time based on user inputs.  Bonuses based on player tactics, such as the direction from which an enemy is attacked, can be exercised by either combatant, making for exceptionally tense PvP encounters. A world full of meaningful choices--Ally with one of three major nations, join a guild (or create your own), and explore a variety of deep customization options.  Combat-related choices, such as managing defensive strong points across  the game world's many vast battlefields and one's preference for how to enter battle (on horseback, for example), highlight Pandora Saga's fast, action-packed battles.? About Atlus Online

Atlus Online is the online interactive entertainment division of Atlus U.S.A., Inc., renowned for its proud tradition of publishing exceptional role-playing games with strong niche appeal.  Atlus Online's flagship title, Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent, a unique steampunk free-to-play MMORPG, complements the existing library of critically-acclaimed Atlus video games, including: Demon's Souls, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Odin Sphere, the Trauma Center series, and the award-winning Shin Megami Tensei series.  More information can be found at



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Pandora Saga has not yet been rated by the ESRB.



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