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PAN Vision Games will start production of Angel Cat Sugar games to the PC and Nintendo DS format.

Stockholm 2008/03/04 - PAN Vision Games, the Swedish-based publisher, announced today that a three year exclusive deal to make PC and Nintendo DS games, based on the Japanese IP Angel Cat Sugar has been signed. The games are planned for simultaneous release all over Europe in spring 2009.

Angel Cat Sugar is a brand created by Yuko Shimizu, the creator of world-wide success Hello Kitty, and has been sold in Japan since 2003 as toys, merchandise etc. Ms. Shimizu used to work for Sanrio, but stepped out a number of years ago and started her own character Angel Cat Sugar. In 2007 Angel Cat Sugar came to Europe and the rest of the world through Bruno Productions B.V. licensing firm, based in the Netherlands, and is now quickly spreading across Europe as a licensing brand. Bruno Productions holds the rights to Angel Cat Sugar for all territories in Europe.

The brand story revolves around Angel Cat Sugar, a princess in a world of angels, and her three mice friends Parsley, Thyme and Basil. For more info about Ms Shimizu, the brand or the characters please visit the official website: .

"We are very happy to have found a committed partner such as PAN Vision to bring Angel Cat Sugar to the games market. This is the start of a new business relationship between PAN Vision and Bruno Productions, and from both sides we hope to expand this relationship in the future to new markets, formats and possibly also other brands," says Nelleke Bruno, CEO and Attorney-at-Law of Bruno Holding B.V.

"Angel Cat Sugar is an exciting fast-growing brand that suits our catalogue and future publishing plans perfectly," says Egil Strunke, Sr Business Development Director at PAN Vision, "While we are working on the game, Bruno Productions is spreading the license to all kinds of new products and markets, so a spring -09 release should be ideal from a timing point of view as awareness of the brand will be high," finishes Strunke.

For further details, please contact:

PAN Vision: Egil Strunke, Senior Business Development Director

Phone: +46 8 597 962 50

About PAN Vision

PAN Vision Group is the leading independent Nordic publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment. The company has a

yearly turnover of $120 million and was created in 2001 through the merger of PAN Interactive, Vision Park, and Levande Böcker.

PAN Vision also acquired BJ Electronics in Norway and Toptronics Oy (with operations in Finland, Sweden and Denmark) during

2004. PAN Vision is a part of the KF Group, owned by the Swedish Cooperative Union (KF).

About Bruno Productions:

Bruno Productions BV, part of Bruno Holding BV, is a licensing company, situated in the Netherlands, and represents many

properties for both Benelux as well as for Europe.

Founded in 1989 in Amsterdam and now housed in Deventer, the company has shown a steady growth over the years. Apart from licensing of merchandising rights, the company has expanded its base in 1999 by setting up separate divisions for licensing pictures in the editorial and commercial market under the names of Bruno Press and Bruno Stock.

Thanks to this unique set-up, its experienced staff and its wide offering of rights from television, brands, art and pictures, the

company has become a leading and well-known independent service company in the market

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