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Outer Empires

Free-to-play browser MMOG set to launch iPhone version.


9 A.M. BST, November 11th, 2009

IPSWICH, UK, NOVEMBER 11, 2009: The Outer Empires galaxy has been rapidly expanding as players stake their territories through the free-to-play in-browser game. Space is about to get a whole lot busier as the iPhone version launches to allow outer space explorers to access the game world on-the-go.

“What began as a vast and empty gaming canvas has been filling up quicker than we could have imagined,” explains lead designer Paul Hutson. “And this means Outer Empires players have a lot to do if they want to expand their territories, colonise new planets, defend their homeworlds and space stations against pirates or, for that matter, if they want to hijack a convoy of valuable ore before it gets to its destination. Now they can take their online rocket man personas with them thanks to the iPhone edition of Outer Empires.”

This portable version of Outer Empires allows direct access to the same persistent universe and characters as the in-browser game, with all gameplay features fully included in an immediately recognisable user interface.

Set in a persistent galaxy with more than 20,000 star systems for players to explore, colonise and control, Outer Empires has seen players establish powerful territories and vie for political and military control of strategic sectors within a month of the game’s launch.

The launch of the iPhone version of Outer Empires comes just weeks after the Facebook application was launched, which further extends the reach and accessibility of this exciting new sci-fi MMO.

“Right from the outset we wanted to break the trend for five minute iPhone games, and give players an immersive, enduring experience that they can really get their teeth into,” Hutson continues. “The in-browser version is great for those extended periods of play, while the iPhone and Facebook editions ensure that Outer Empires is right there where the players are, at all times. As factions grow and politic posturing and even all-out war take place, players can get online and perform their tasks no matter where they are.”

Outer Empires blends together the MMO space-faring elements of games such as EVE Online, the classic space exploration game Elite, and the socio-political adventuring of Sins of a Solar Empire into a whole new universe of trade, economics, questing and war.

The in-browser Outer Empires MMO is completely free to play, but features a subscription fee (from as little as $3.18 per month), allowing them to access a far greater range of in-game vehicles, items and colonies. The iPhone game has been launched at just £1.19 /$2.00 /€1.32, and will operate on the same subscription feature set.

Visit the App Store, Facebook and to sign up and start playing Outer Empires right away.

Outer Empires on App Store:

Outer Empires Facebook application:

Outer Empires official webpage:


• Play directly within any web browser (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari etc.).

• Available on iPhone and iPod Touch.

• Facebook application now live.

• Fly missions (transport, fighter, freight, exploration, bounty).

• Set up colonies (Mining, Food Production, Manufacture, Development/Research).

• Run/join factions (guilds) within the game.

• Take control of and fight for systems (either themselves or as part of a faction).

• Buy/Mod/Build/Sell ships using a number of variable items that can be created from the manufacture plants players set up.

• Story arcs and player-led governments.

• Trade with other players and the system.

• All three versions (browser, iPhone/iPod touch and Facebook) provide access to the exact same persistent online universe.


For more information, review code and to request interviews, contact lead designer Paul Hutson:


Tel: (+44) 07739 171 593


Iron Will Studios was established in November 2008 by game designer Paul Hutson, creator of the popular mobile MMO KingdomGame. The company will be expanding its web browser and iPhone-based online game Outer Empires over the next few months while developing its next mobile MMO, which is already under development.


Contact: Paul Hutson

Phone: (+44) 07739 171 593

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