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Oslo Lions launch

Aiming to put Norway on the map e-sports-wise.

Norway, 18. April 2008: Oslo Lions eSports Club starts up in cooperation with QPAD PRO GAMING GEAR and takes in two profiled Norwegian teams from day one.

Oslo Lions eSports Club as the first organization after catch gamer with a fully multigaming perspective based on Norwegian soil. With the goal to front Norwegian eSports and create the foundation to grow eSport in Norway we jump onboard with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Counter Strike: Source.

Compared to our Scandinavian neighbors Norway is still under development when it comes to world wide eSports. The international profile we used to have is at the time gone, and only a few remaining Norwegian player profiles are to be seen on the international arena of eSports. This is our main area of focus; we want Norway back on the world map of eSports!

Oslo lions' primary goal will be the establishment of a solid and stable working path within the gaming scene which will, hopefully, improves both the casual and pro gaming market in Norway. In order to achieve this, we have contracted people with experience and heart for gaming, teams and players that we trust will succeed. Along with our upcoming partners we hope to achieve the goal of bringing Norway back on the world map. Without furthermore we wish to present our very first sponsor and long time friends of ours, QPAD PRO GAMING GEAR;

One of the eSport world’s most renowned brands QPAD is onboard with Oslo Lions at the very beginning, apart from sponsoring us with their product line and financially, the staff of QPAD also share a lot of their experience and put their heart into this project with personal investment of time and money from QPAD’s part.

About QPAD

QPAD built its success on a grassroots commitment to the gaming community. Like you, we thrive in the madness of competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming.

Our sponsorship of the Q Tour, events, communities, cups, tournaments, teams and LAN parties reflects this commitment. The knowledge we've gained has fed into our development of high quality products that have a great performance and given many a winning edge

Behind Oslo Lions the names are many, and we have put effort into finding good people to work with, in order to make the project thrive. All though the organization bases its operation in and around Norway, our organization Oslo Lions have gathered experienced and motivated people from all Europe. This includes Sweden, Belgium, France and The Netherlands, their background differs but their same passion for gaming is shared. With such a broad specter of nationalities we hope to provide innovative and useful services to our players and community.


Oslo Lions is built within a team's core made to promote the Norwegian’s scene above everything else. It is composed of PC teams with the objective to rise up the gaming's popularity in Norway and promote it on an equal scale with the rest of the Scandinavia. This core is meant to evolve and improve over the time, even though; these players are already known for their professionalism and seriousness in and out of the game. We took the decision to mix up teams from various top Norwegians organizations in the name of Tweaked for Counter strike: Source and for Call of duty 4: Modern warfare.


« We started up right before January, practicing almost every day, showing Europe that there's not only plaZma who can play CoD4 from Norway! We've had two player changes, due to lack of time and the necessary equipment to play three to four days a week. But these changes were necessary on our road to becoming one of the best cod4 teams in Europe. When every other cod4 team in Europe participated at i33, we chose to compete at The-Gathering 08. We became better acquainted and had lots of fun! Now we're aiming for a good placing in Eurocup and fgleague! And hopefully we're to be seen in the upcoming offline cod4 events in the near future! » says the team's captain, Preben PSIR Skiple.

Taking consideration recent events PSIR has now been called in to serve his first year in the Norwegian army, and as such the player to replace him will be fitz.

Robin Robon Bakken, 18 years old, He's usually the topfragger in the team, always running around with his SMG, shooting through the enemy. He's also from Trondheim, which makes him a real viking! And this guy is great fun also, having better jokes than me even!

Daniel Zenith Johansen, 15 years old, is the youngest player in the team, and probarbly THE most up and coming allstar in Europe. On a good day he's the one who clutches the most unthinkable situations, and making us scream at vent.

Alexander Alex Halvorsen, 16 years old, has played for ZeroHero, He's the newest contribution to the team. He's a young up and coming player, 16 years old. He's also great with grenades, hahaha.

Geir Gizzor Wivelstad, 18 years old, has played for heXagon-eSports, he is the guy I first contacted when we created fswitch.cod4, he's one of the more responsible players in the team, always checking for cup results and remembering all those different tourney matches we've got. He's always great with the ak, and trying to learn new grenade spots all the time. Ended 2nd at the (cod4).

Kenneth Fitz Dversnes, 18 years old, wstarted my gaming career at the very beginning of Call of Duty, more specificly Call of Duty United Offensive an expansion to Call of Duty 1. Then I joined the swedish team FRS, whom I also played on Call of Duty 2 with. After that we buildt Random Gaming with old FRS members such as snurk and some new faces like Alex. I am the newest addition to Oslo Lions after the departure of PSIR.

Preben PSIR Skiple, 18 years old, has played for myztc (cod1&2), sparXs (css) and fastswitch (css), he's the one who calls the tactics in the team, and the big bad guy yelling at the others when they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing. I usually yell at them for not being on time for practice, I beat them with sticks at The-Gathering when they overslept, etc. Other than that, I hope I make up for my lack of kills with my so often childish/stupid humour. Ended 1st at the (cod4), 5th at Hardware-Lan 06 (css) and 4th (css).

The team took the 1st place at The Gathering 2008, Norway.


« After sparXs folded, I (Shad) decided to put together a new team and spent the summer 07 picking up players while attending some European lans with infused-gaming. At the end of summer vacation I had a team of 5 that began to practice as a mix for the upcoming lan,, to see if we had chemistry and played well together. We placed 3rd at and decided to go official as a team, as we were pleased with our performance. Since then we’ve played with the same 5, participating in different online tournaments and leagues. It wasn’t until recently that we had a change in our lineup. We picked up Chobo from Multigamer and attended the-Gathering and Hellfragger lan finals shortly after. Both lans were failures and we’ve now recently decided to part ways with Chobo, due to lack of motivation on his side, and go back to using the core 5 that we’ve had from the beginning. For the future we will be looking to practice regularly and attend some of the bigger online events. This way we will improve and hopefully perform well at the next upcoming lans. We believe that the future holds good things for us and that together with Oslo Lions we’ll reach new heights in gaming. » says the team's captain, Tobias Shad Unneland.

Jon-Mathias Battosai Mættisen has played for Crossed/Catch-gamer and tweaked he's the most experienced player in the team, having played cs for several years. Contributes with comments on how to improve and change when things aren’t going our way.

Linus Pokke Johansson 16 has played for sparXs, tweaked he's a young talent from Sweden that keeps the mood up in long, endless days of practice.

Simon Mytt3 Branes has played for Multigamers and tweaked he's an excellent aimer that often takes down rushes single handed.

Lars Oppy Gunnar Bugten has played for PoS, sparXs and tweaked he's a very smart player that plays tricky ct positions very well. Reliable in 1onX situations.

Tobias Shad Unneland has played for PoS, sparXs and tweaked he's our main awper and in-game leader.

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