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Organisations and initiatives supporting racial equity in the global games industry

From funding and training to online communities and advocacy groups, there is a growing number of resources encouraging racial diversity in the games industry

The lack of diversity within the games industry is a well documented issue. There are a number of hurdles facing people of colour who wish to enter the industry, and in recent years various organisations and programmes have been devised to help support under-represented groups.

Following the wave of protests against police brutality and discrimination in North America, the members of the global games community have pledged their support to the cause. Many game companies have also donated money, details of which can be found here.

As stated yesterday, and a number of its sister websites will be donating to Black Lives Matter, Black Visions, Collective, Minnesota Freedom Fund, the NAACP and other charities, local bail funds and organisations dedicated to ending injustice, oppression and discrimination.

You can make your own donations here.

Below we have compiled a list of groups and opportunities focused on providing racial equity and greater representation within the games industry. These include consultancy services, community groups, venture capital firms, mentoring opportunities, and training.

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#Include C++

A global diversity and inclusion community for developers interested in C++, Include C++ is currently organising scholarships to send people from under-presented groups to C++ On Sea 2020 Online.

Balance Patch

A diversity, inclusivity, and equality consultancy specifically geared towards the games industry, Balance Patch aims to create and sustain accessible work environments for everyone. It provides expert advice and guidance on creating inclusive workplace strategies, provides sensitivity reading, and helps companies in the gaming sector achieve greater equality.

BAME In Games

An advocacy and special interest group, BAME in Games encourages more diverse talent to work in the games industry.

The professional network is free to join and holds numerous in-person meetups throughout the year; it works to nurture and promote the benefits of diversity and hiring from minority groups.

Black Game Developers

The Black Game Developers Twitter account is signal boosting people within the development community who are willing to help mentor or answer questions for other black game developers.

Black Girl Gamers

The online collective is hosting a Wellness Week on Twitch, offering a safe space for people to relax and decompress. Black Girl Gamers is also running a Tiltify fundraising campaign for the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Created in 2015, the platform has over 6,000 members and helps promote diversity and inclusion in the games industry by creating content and running events.

Black Girl Gamers aims to boost the viability of black women in gaming, and increase their visiblity in the wider industry


Indie publisher Chucklefish is offering free mentoring sessions to black game developers and upcoming talent.

The offer has no time limit, and will see Chucklefish providing support for game pitches and production, business queries, CV and covering letters, and artist portfolio reviews.

Fearless Futures

Working with organisations to challenge and understand the root causes of inequality, Fearless Futures suggests that many diversity and inclusion initiatives are not working because they avoid complexity.

The group encourages having difficult conversations about "the injustices affecting your colleagues and customers, and your responsibility in this."

The Fearless Futures mission statement

Game (German trade body)

The German Games Industry Association has published a free Diversity Guide for companies and institutions looking to diversify their workplaces, including tips and supports for both team and community building.

The Diversity Guide is part of the trade body's larger Diversity is Key initiatives, which is inviting members of the German industry to sign its joint declaration of commitment to diversity and equity.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has established a $1 million Black Game Developer Fund to support Black game developers and fund their games through its Humble Games publishing label.

Applications for the fund are now available for studios at least 50% owned and operated by Black developers regardless of citizenship or nationality.

Hustle Crew

Offering talks, training and mentorship to make tech more inclusive along with virtual services, Hustle Crew works with organisation that want to attract and retain underrepresented people.

"Tech is transforming our daily lives, but the teams that build tech are not representative of society," said founder Abadesi Osunade. "I want to change that. Through talks, training, and mentorship I'm making it easier for women and other underrepresented people to break into tech and also accelerate their careers."

Industry mentoring opportunities

Lionkiller developer Sisi Jiang has put together a spreadsheet collating industry workers who have offered to mentor black developers.

The spreadsheet has over 300 names, and covers a variety of industry specialisations such as narrative, programming, business, communications, game design and everything in between.

Inclusive Boards

An executive search agency specialising in diversity and inclusion at governance level, Inclusive Boards' main goal is to ensure that organisations have access to diverse shortlists when recruiting.

On average, the group's longlists are at 60% female and at least 20% BAME, and as a benchmark it aims to ensure longlists reflect UK population statistics.

Kowloon Nights

Kowloon Nights has established a $2 million fund to support projects and studios majority-owned by Black creators. You can read more about this initiative here.

Level Up Link Up

A community organisation, Level Up Link Up has created an online space for black gamers to decompress, relax and network with the aim encouraging a more diverse UK games industry.

People of Colour in Play

Founded by industry leaders, POC in Play is a racial equity and inclusion movement that provides support and encourages better representation in the UK games industry.

The organisation is also supported by Monument Valley developer UsTwo Games, and holds regular networking meetings.

Raise the Game

Aims to create meaningful change by inspiring diversity and inclusion in the games industry, Raise the Game encourages cultural and behaviour change in all game companies.

By the end of 2021, Raise the Game wants 200 games business signed up and demonstrating activities undertaken to improve diversity and inclusion.

Rareseed Capital

A UK-based venture capital firm focused on supporting founders from diverse backgrounds, Rareseed Capital boasts a diverse investor network and provides seed funding of up to £150,000.

Tech Talent Charter

The Tech Talent Charter works with organisations across the UK to compile the Open Playbook of Best Practice. The Open Playbook pledges to share best practice around diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

If you would like your organisation or initiative to be included, please email