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OnLive via WiFi due this month

Cloud streaming service planning beta wireless support four months on from launch

Cloud gaming platform OnLive is finally due to roll out wireless internet support later this month.

It was restricted to wired network connections upon its June launch, apparently due to issues regarding the wider variety of latency and bandwidth offered by Wi-Fi.

The new version will initially be available as a beta download only.

"Wi-Fi support has been the most requested feature among OnLive members, so we made it a top development priority and were able to roll out a Beta version ahead of schedule," said OnLive COO Mike McGarvey.

"We're continuing to add new features and enhance the service, as well as expand the list of top new release games."

The service is also offering 50 per cent off all its titles during the US Labour Day holiday. Pricing has proven a point of contention, with some observers noting that lifetime access to an Onlive-streamed game often matched or exceeded the cost of buying a title at retail.

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