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OnLive plans $10 all-you-can-play flat fee

Cloud gaming firm to experiment with Netflix-style model

Cloud gaming service OnLive is to debut a flat fee subscription plan which allows unlimited access to the bulk of its games library.

The OnLive blog reveals that the offer is expected to launch on January 14, though purchasers of the Microconsole Game System device will have free early access until then.

The subscription will be limited to a 'Play Pack', which excludes the most recent triple-A titles. Games of around six months or older, plus new indie titles, will be included.

The Play Pack will purportedly include around 40 games at launch, with more to come. The current roster is available here.

The service is analogous to US movie streaming service Netflix, which is widely perceived as contributing to the decline of brick and mortar rental stores such as Blockbuster.

OnLive has also revealed that, following the Game System preorder launch, "we've seen the biggest surge of new users in OnLive's history."

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