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OnLive plans mobile phone support

Cloud computing service demonstrated on iPhone

Digital download and cloud computing service OnLive is also intended to work on mobile phones, according to announcements made by company founder and CEO Steve Perlman.

Writing in his blog, but referring to a recent Wedbush financial conference, Perlman describes how he demonstrated the service running simultaneously on two iPhones, a TV and a computer - each playing the same games and utilising the same features.

"While we’re thrilled about eventually bringing many new games to cell phone platforms, currently, games on OnLive are tuned for TVs and computers," said Perlman. "So initially, it’s the community and social elements of OnLive that we’re most excited about on mobile devices".

Perlman also emphasised that OnLive on a mobile phone was only a technology demo and that the company lacks approvals from phone manufacturers. As a result no launch date was given for the service on mobile phones.

There also remains no official launch date for the standard service, which continues to be met with scepticism from some quarters and which has already missed its intended 2009 launch date in the US.

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