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OnLive offers free MicroConsole to early adopters

$99 cloud streaming device granted to 'founding members'

Cloud streaming firm OnLive has announced many of its first wave of subscribers will be sent a complimentary MicroConsole.

The device plugs directly into a television and allows games to be played with a console-like controller.

'Founding members' who have purchased two or more games on the service can have the $99 hardware for free, paying only shipping.

Those bought just one game will be given a promotional code for another.

"It takes a certain kind of person to try out something that is an entirely new concept, and beyond that, spend hard-earned money on it, believing that it has a future," said founder Steve Perlman.

"Because Founding Members like you believed in OnLive, you made it possible for us to analyse OnLive usage patterns, for us to be able to test millions of Internet connections throughout the US, and for us to understand what users like and don't like. Without your help, we could not have gotten to where we are today."

Eligibility to become a founding member has now passed; anyone subscribing now will need to pay $99 and postage. The HDMI-equipped MicroConsole is due for release on December 2.

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