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Nokia's 3D motion-captured fighter available for the N-Gage now.

ONE for N-Gage, by Nokia Games Publishing, challenges its players to confront their opponents in a unique environment where different fighting techniques and styles are created by motion capture. ONE features 3D animation and high-quality graphics with customizable characters. It offers a head-to-head multiplayer experience in Bluetooth gaming allowing players to compete with each other, and share and compare their scores in the N-Gage Arena.

Recognized for its 3D performance, ONE is unique in mobile gaming as it takes advantage of motion capture techniques usually reserved for console games and movies. The movements of a real martial artist performing kicks and other moves have been recorded and used to animate the characters in ONE.

“Making ONE was a learning experience for me, both as a martial artist and as an artist studying shape and form,”, says Tommy Carruthers, the man behind the motion captured fighting techniques of ONE. He has over 30 years of experience in martial arts. “ONE connects the flow of motion into how the flow goes between two people. It’s a combination of forces that complement and work in union with each other”.

ONE players will be tested in various locations around the world, from the dark alleys of New York to the exotic beaches of the Caribbean. High-quality 3D graphics enables players to see even movements of the fighters’ clothes. There are altogether 30 opponents to fight against, in seven different locations, and an online world ranking system that shows who the true ONE is.

ONE is now available at, launching together with a global online tournament hosted by N-Gage Arena.

View ONE trailer, making of documentary and motion capture videos at

More information on Tommy Carruthers at

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