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Launches today, billed as the PlayStation Network's first indie game.

San Diego, CA - June 5, 2008 Tiki Games, a California-based independent developer of interactive entertainment, today announced that NOVASTRIKE will be available on PLAYSTATION®Network today.

“We’re definitely very pleased to finally finish NOVASTRIKE for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system – it’s been quite a journey getting here as an independent developer and first-time publisher,” said Kevin McCann, president and creative director of Tiki Games. “NOVASTRIKE is also going to be the first self-published game on the PLAYSTATION®Network – so for other independent developers out there, we’re living proof that it’s definitely possible to self-publish a game on the PLAYSTATION®Network.”

Hardened shooter veterans will find a wealth of options in their arsenal in NOVASTRIKE, a sci-fi war zone that pits players against an onslaught by the world-conquering Draelus. From the cockpit of their experimental Scythe fighter, able pilots will utilize free-roaming flight and multiple weapon variations to combat an armada of alien forces in the air and on land. With ship and weapon upgrades, and a slew of allied units, players of NOVASTRIKE will engage the Draelus in a variety of planetary environments, completing objectives and facing fearsome opponents in their fight to drive back the invasion.


• Seven expansive challenging stages driven by objective-based goals

• Free-roaming flight: there aren’t any rails here, so players can fly in any direction

• Progressive weapon acquisition and upgrade system: as the player collects weapon drops from enemy ships the weapons themselves become available to the Scythe – there are nine base weapon systems, each with three subsequent upgrade levels

• Air and ground targets: two separate weapon systems allow the player to combat both air and ground opponents

• Multi-sectioned enemies where individual components can be destroyed; for example, carriers have hangars that launch fighters – these hangars can be destroyed independently of destroying the Carrier preventing the Carrier from launching additional fighters

• Multitude of enemies and environments: players combat enemy fighters, bombers, kamikazes, aces, carriers, and destroyers, all leading to an end-boss fight

• You’re not alone: friendly fighters, bombers, and destroyers will aid you in your efforts to vanquish the Draelus invasion

• DualShock 3 support

• Continuing support: Tiki Games will be developing additional content for NOVASTRIKE throughout 2008

About Tiki Games

Tiki Games was formed at the beginning of 2006 in San Diego and is presently a licensed developer for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, and PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system. Committed to creating high-quality and fun games, Tiki Games is comprised of industry veterans that have worked together on prior titles and have an established and proven team dynamic. For more information on Tiki Games or NOVASTRIKE, please visit:

Sean Kauppinen, Vice President, TriplePoint


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