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Nostale Global

Jack'O'Lantern Raid under way, and monster costumes available too.

'Nostale : Global' is holding a Halloween event starting on 28th October!

Players will be entertained by 2 key features of this Halloween update. The first one is a special Jack'O'Lantern Raid, designed especially for this Halloween. The Seal of Jack'O'Lantern is required to start the Raid; and the Seal can be obtained by playing 'Trick or Treat!' with the village NPCs.

Secondly, there are new items ?a Halloween costume scroll, which allows players to disguise themselves in monster costumes, and a brand new pet, the Pumpkin Bushtail! These items can be acquired as event rewards or by purchasing the Halloween treasure box from Nosmall.

The Halloween event of 'Nostale : Global' will be held from 28th October to 18th November.

In addition to this Halloween event, there are other ongoing events - the "V. went crazy?" event, which gives huge discounts on packaged items to players; and "My Own Act.5", a creative based on Nostale:Global's next big update, "Act 5 : The Sword of Flame", coming soon!

There's a lot going on, and a lot more to come here in Nostale! So check out the Nostale:Global website ( for more information.

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