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Nominations for The Girl Gamer Awards Announced today!

For Immediate Release

Houston, Texas (March 28, 2007) Gamergirlsradio.com, Gameinatrix.com and the KRT Ladies have announced the 2006-2007 nominees for the Girl Gamer Awards. The ladies collected nominations from various female hosted sites and forums, such as Xbox's Gamer ChiX, last month. Today the polls open, and will allow female gamers to vote for their favorite game, genre, and console, via Gameinatrix.com. "We are furthering our efforts to bring more awareness of the female gaming community," says Gamer Girls Radio host, Danger Doll, "This is one of many steps we will take to ensure that developers have the information they need from female gamers to help them market to us better."

The polls will remain open for a month, at which time the winners will be presented with a seal stating the game is "Girl Gamer Approved". Gameinatrix.com also plans to make available the number of votes, the ages of the voters and locale. "This data is imperative to anyone trying to figure out how to market to women. Knowing which games women already love and what they are doing right, will hopefully also help them figure out what they are doing wrong."

To cast your vote please visit www.gameinatrix.com.

And the Nominees are:


Fight Night Round 3

Tekken: Dark Resurrection


New Super Mario Brothers

Loco Roco


Yoshi's Island

Rayman Raving Rabbids


Burnout: Revenge

Need for Speed:Carbon

Mario Kart


Zelda:Twilight Princess

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Oblivion:Elder Scrolls


Worlds of Warcraft

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Arch Lords

City of Villains

City of Heroes


Dungeons and Dragons Online


Gears of War

Rainbow 6 Vegas

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty 3


The Sims 2

Harvest Moon DS

Viva Pinata

Animal Crossing Wild Wild World

Guitar Hero 2


Wii Sports

Madden 07

Blitz the League 360

Rockstar Table Tennis 2

Top Spin 2


Age of Empires III

Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle EarthII

Company of Heroes

Supreme commander

Game of the Year

Viva Pinata

The Sims 2

Gears of War

Rainbow 6:Vegas

Ghost Recon Advance Warfare

About Gamer Girls Radio

Gamer Girls Radio, calling itself the "voice" of the female gamer community, originally aired on Gameshout in 2006, gaining an underground following in the gaming community, and have since moved to www.gamergirlsradio.com. Gamer Girls Radio is the first ever of it's kind all female hosted gaming podcasts. New podcasts are aired every Monday. For more information on Gamer Girls Radio contact webmaster@gamergirlsradio.com or visit www.gamergirlsradio.com.

About Gameinatrix.com

Established in 2004, Gameinatrix.com is the internets leading female oriented, gaming reviews and news portal. Gameinatrix.com strives to bridge the gap between developers and gamers. Contact webmaster@gameinatrix.com or visit www.gameinatrix.com for more information.

About KRT Ladies

KRT Ladies is the female division of the KRT Professional gaming clan. KRT Ladies also provides a safe and friendly environment for female gamers. For more information regarding the KRT Ladies, please visit http://knightshome.org .

*Nominations based on games released from January 2006 to March 2007

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