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Lifetime Wii, DS hardware and software sales revealed

DS install base almost three times the size of 360 or PS3

In its third quarter financial report released today (in which profits slumped some 74 per cent compared to last year), the Japanese firm revealed worldwide sales of 84.6 million for the Wii, and a total of 144.6 million for the combined DS range.

This puts the handheld range's install base not too far shy of being twice as large as Wii.

The PS3 and 360, meanwhile, have lifetime hardware sales of 41.6 million and 50 million. (Note, however, that Sony has not released figures since October, while Microsoft declared the 50 million milestone just this month).

23.5 million of the total DS install base were DSis, and 9.43 million DSi XLs.

Lifetime software sales for DS were 817.5 million, and 695 million for Wii.

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