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Nintendo: "Moving to HD appears a natural flow"

Miyamoto acknowledges: "We cannot swim against the tide"

Nintendo executives have hinted the company is looking towards a shift to high-definition, and acknowledged it cannot "swim against the tide" with regards to technology.

"Since our division has been reviewing and developing a number of hardware, we are looking into many different things, including HD and SD," Genyo Takeda, GM of Nintendo's R&D division, told investors at a recent briefing.

"Since an increasing number of the TV sets at home around the world are becoming HD today, it will be natural for a machine to be able to generate graphics that people will be accustomed to see on HD televisions. Since the ordinary TV programs are now shifting to HD, moving to HD appears to me a natural flow."

"We are not too much concerned about if the technology itself is state-of-the-art or rather old-fashioned," he added. "If we can find the most appropriate medium, between SD and HD, and flexibly move around them depending on the game's contents, it will be good I think."

"We probably cannot swim against the tide," said Shigeru Miyomoto. "The customers' tastes will become more and more refined. Even today, many customers who have seen HD once say they cannot go back to SD"

However, the designer noted many consumers accepted 5.1 channel sound despite it not being true - and likewise with HD. "I have to doubt how many of us can actually tell them apart," he said.

He added that a shift to HD would incur an increase in development costs, meaning that upscaling might not be viable for certain products.

"We have to ask ourselves if HD is really necessary to develop Wii Fit. Won't HD be better for the games like Pikmin? The developers should choose the most appropriate graphical format depending on the software they make.

"To Nintendo, our theme is how we can prepare the SDK library to cater to the needs of the developers, with which the developers can more easily develop their games. In fact, Nintendo has been working with such mission."

Despite this shifting of Nintendo's position on high definition however, Reggie Fils-Aime expressed a conflicting message during a recent interview with GTTV.

"Michael [Pachter] continues to be the only one that believes [Wii HD] is going to happen," the NoA president told presenter Geoff Keighley.

"I don’t know how forcefully we can say that there is no Wii HD."

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