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Ninja Captains

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11th September 2009

Our weapons are supposed to block out the sun – but it doesn’t seem to be working on this guy. Ever feel like you’re falling into a Black Hole? Warrior Ninja is doing his best to defeat the nasty man – but the baddie keeps coming back.

Link to latest Video:

High Res Download:

Look out for our second video in the series showing the exciting life of the Ninja Captains on 15.9.09 – you might see something Magical….

Join the Ninja Captains in their pranks and capers this autumn; travel to famous cities like London, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro plus many others. Travel the world and test yourself at bull running, sledding and Gondola racing…

The combination of wacky humour, addictive gameplay and exotic locations makes Ninja Captains a must-play title this year for anyone who owns a Wii or DS... Don’t miss out!

Nordcurrent continues a series of videos giving you an idea of what the Ninja Captains like to do in their spare time…

To view the first video in the series, click here:

Or here:

To download click here:

Nordcurrent is a European game developer and publisher, founded in 2006 with the intention to publish internally developed titles and titles from third parties across PAL territories. Over the first years of its operation, Nordcurrent has built up an extensive distribution network across Europe, Russia, Australia, and South-East Asia.

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