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Nikki The Knife vs. Comic-Con International

Gameplay HD reports from San Diego.


The Full Episode – Plus Four Bonus Segments – Will Be Available Free Online in its Entirety Beginning Friday, 8/1

NEW YORK, July 31, 2008 – Bigger and better than ever, this years' San Diego Comic-Con sold out completely a week before its opening and record-setting attendance was estimated to be well over 130,000.

Enter into this estimable uber-convention Nick Gallucci, GAMEPLAY HD's resident "gonzo journalist" and star of his own original series, NIKKI THE KNIFE. On Friday, August 1, Nikki takes on Comic-Con in San Diego – along with Michael Hollick, the voice of Grand Theft Auto IV's Niko Bellic, the crew from Mystery Science Theater 3000 and more – in NIKKI THE KNIFE vs. COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL, premiering exclusively online at In addition to the availability of this complete episode, there will also be four bonus segments!


Nikki enter the Street Fighter IV tournament – in which he is beaten by no man… Nikki's up-close-and-personal interviews with Trace, Joel and Jim of MSTK3, celebrating their 20th anniversary with a collector's DVD set; Gil Kenan (Monster House), director of the upcoming City of Ember, Chris Morgan, the scribe behind the upcoming theatrical version of Gears of War (to be directed by Len Wiseman) and the man behind the aforementioned digital hoodlum and "star" of the year's biggest game Grand Theft Auto IV Nikki as Astro Boy Four bonus segments featuring a special preview of Sierra Entertainment's new, eagerly-anticipated Ghostbusters game and more!

If NIKKI THE KNIFE vs. COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL isn't enough to satisfy genre fan's cravings, is also offering NIKKI THE KNIFE vs. NEW YORK COMIC-CON. Fresh off of New York's 2008 extravaganza, the program follows Nikki, as he attempts to locate Seth Green and interview him about his 1993 movie Airborne, checks out the hot new offerings from EA Mythic, Activision and Firaxis, auditions on camera for the new Spiderman game, meets the original Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) and dresses up in a furry green costume.


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